Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A quick 5-run deficit and then...
We've learned not to count this team out this year, but this was unbelievable. Whatever could go right, did. There were some odd things that went on, however. Adam Warren entered the game in the 7th inning with the score 19-5. He finished the game and was credited with a save. Are you kidding me? Annie-O could have probably pitched an inning and held a lead like that. Makes you wonder about the actual value of the save statistic.
Steven Drew entered the game in the bottom of the seventh and still got two at-bats. He didn't do anything with them, of course, but he did get them.
ESPN publishes a baseball power ranking every week. The Yankees, who have the 2nd best record in the AL and the 4th best in the majors, dropped from seventh to eighth this week. Whatever happened to that old east-coast bias?
One of the rarest events in baseball is the catcher's interference. One example is when the catchers impedes a batter's swing. The Ranger catcher was charged with two of these violations last night. That's one way to try and slow down the Yankee bats. Unfortunately for Texas, home plate umpire Andy Fletcher caught them both times even though he must have been exhausted after calling almost 400 pitches in the three and a half hours the game lasted. It's not true that he called for a chair for the last two innings...but I'll bet he would have accepted if one had been offered.
Texas pitching  coach Mike Maddox went to the mound so often, they'll have to re-sod the path from the dugout to the mound. Around the fifth inning, he began to carry a crying towel with him. I don't know if it was for him or the pitchers.

## Some trades have been made with a couple of big names involved. A couple of trades are beyond my understanding. I don't understand why the Washington Nationals needed Jon Papelbon. The Nats already had Drew Storen, who was 29 for 31 in save attempts. Now you're playing with team chemistry. How will Storen react to being replaced and Papelbon is not exactly a guy who's easy to get along with.
## In the past three days, the LA Angels have picked up three outfielders: David DeJesus (35). David Murphy (33) and Shane Victorino (34). Serviceable players all, but are these the guys that are going to take you over the top? The Angels gave up some minor league players (emphasis on the word "minor"), but I don't see this as a big help.
## The Blue Jays acquisition of Troy Tulowitzki is intriguing. Tulo's stats at home in Colorado are much better than those on the road. How much does the thin air of mile-high Denver have to do with that. Plus, how will he do playing on Toronto's artificial turf? Tulo has a history of leg problems and Toronto's field is considered to be one of the toughest to play on. But he can be a potent bat in the middle of an already imposing lineup.
## There are some big-name players still available so it should be an interesting two days. Don't count on the Yankees, though, Brian Cashman has all but said they don't plan on anything , but analysts say he's full of hooey. The Yanks are the Yanks and they'll make an 11th-hour blockbuster.

On Sept. 12th, the Cincinnati Reds will honor Pete Rose with a bobblehead giveaway. Instead of a bat, it is rumored that Rose will be holding a betting slip.

"The Mets’ Jenrry Mejia, is now suspended 162 games for his 2nd failed PED test. Once you might think you’re invulnerable. The second time? Proves again that MLB drug testing is also an IQ test."  -- Janice Hough
" A life-sized Paddington Bear threw out the first pitch before a Chicago Cubs games. Small children in the crowd should stop having nightmares sometime in 2017."  -- Brad Dickson
" Golfer Robert Allenby fired his caddie mid-round, for the fourth time: “Dear future Allenby caddies: Confine your comments to, ‘Great shot, Bob!’"  -- Greg Cote
"Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, conducting his annual Fam 1st Family Youth Football Camp in Oakland, stuffed a piece of chicken into his sock to eat later.In keeping with the football theme, it was a single wing."  -- Dwight Perry
"Golfer John Daly has revealed his workout secrets. I’m guessing they involve two laps around a chicken wing."  -- Brad Dickson


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