Sunday, October 12, 2014


     Let's talk about those wonderful broadcasters, without whom products like Bayer aspirin would remain fully stocked on drug store shelves.  We are bombarded with "information" from these talking heads, information that is usually either totally worthless or just flat-out wrong.
     There is the worthless stat that is common: "This guy is having a heck of a postseason."  Yeah, right. He's 2 for 6 with 1 RBI. Sounds good, but it's only 6 at bats. It could be, and probably is, two harmless seeing-eye ground balls and an RBI on a ground out. "The pitcher has an  0-2 record with a 5.66 ERA in post season play." It's true, but that all took place in the 2011 playoffs, three years ago. If  they mention it, they imply that that record is what he will do this year.
     Then they misuse true statistics. "Nelson Cruz has just passed Babe Ruth for all-time post season home runs."  Does this mean Cruz is better than the Babe? Do they say that Ruth hit ALL of his homers in the World Series? Do they mention that Cruz had 159 at bats and Ruth had 129? Move over, Babe, TBS Sports has spoken.
     How about the complete whitewash? These are the best post-season records for Kansas City since the 1985 Royals team. Wow! Oh, did I mention that 1985 was the LAST time the Royals were in the post season? Must have slipped my mind.

There are three guys in the booth and one or two on the field and they all think they have to contribute something to every play. I have been told at least six times that the Orioles got Nelson Cruz very cheaply and he has produced wonderfully. Six times! Come on guys, my memory isn't that bad. If someone would please cut the power to the booth, maybe my ears would stop bleeding.

Quick question. Part I) In this day of electronic marvels, where they can put a microphone on a player, replay an event half-a-dozen times from four different angles, show a closeup of a player spitting sunflower seeds, how come it took these amazing technicians two and a half minutes to figure out how to turn off the lights on a TV analysts both in center field that was shining into the batters eyes? Part II) - Is that a record for technological incompetence in a playoff game held at night in an American League stadium on a nationally televised game on a network other than ESPN?
Answers: Part I) They don't know  II) I don't care

"When you see what the Royals are doing - winning their first six playoff games - I'm sure, like me, the first thing you think of are the 1906 Cubs. Am I right?"  -- Bob Ryan, Sports Reporters
"Spotted at the Nebraska-Michigan State game: Joba Chamberlain. His beard was in seats 42, 43, 44 and 45."  -- Brad Dickson
"North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in public for six weeks now.  On the bright side, neither has Dennis Rodman."  -- Dwight Perry
"Haven’t gotten your fill of Derek Jeter yet? His game-used socks can be yours for $409.99 — each.
That gives new meaning to the term “getting hosed.’"  -- Ian Hamilton
"How has the KC Royals Lorenzo Cain not been on ESPN’s Top 10 plays and Web Gems every single night of the season?"  -- Janice Hough
"During a high school cross country race in Alaska, a black bear wandered onto the course. No word yet if the winner’s time of 2 minutes, 47 seconds for the 5K course will stand as a record."  -- Brad Dickson



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