Friday, October 31, 2014


Just a few little tidbits in the news:

** Kevin Youkilis has retired. A decent player with an ugly beard and an even uglier batting stance.

** I keep reading that Joe Maddon is going to join the Cubs as their manager, but there has been no announcement. By the time he signs, it will be old news.

** Speaking of speculations and announcements, it's about time for the "Silly Season" to begin. Naturally, the big four - Yanks, Dodgers, Red Sox and Angels - will be mentioned prominently, mostly because they have the money and are willing to spend it. This year, the sportswriters think the Cubs will be throwing money around too.

** Because of all the publicity surrounding the World Series, Royals manager Ned Yost says his new-found fame has made life tough for him. When he makes reservations these days, he uses the name "Frank." I have the same problem. When I make reservations, I use the name "Ned Yost."  

** There are some analysts that say that the Royals 3rd base coach should have sent Alex Gordon home with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. They say he probably would have been out, but the way Bumgarner was throwing, trying to score was a better chance than waiting for a hit. I agree with that theory. Force the other team to make the play. The relay man has to catch the throw, he has to make a good throw to home, the catcher has to catch and hang on to the ball and he has to find the runner and make the tag. If just ONE of those things go wrong, we have a tie score. We'll never know.

** John Lackey has an agreement in his contract that if he misses a year because of injury, he has to play one year at the major league minimum. Lackey will be earning approx. $510,000 in 2015. I wonder what his  agent will be making.

** It seems that the NFL is going to court to try to prevent the state of New Jersey from allowing betting on sports events. Are they crazy? If there is no betting, there won't be any football.

** Finally, one bit of good news: Alex Rodriquez has been reinstated and is officially a Yankee again.    Well, it's news, anyway. The Yanks will welcome him back with open arms and the $61 million they still owe him, but I don't think he should count on being named captain.

" The fastest-growing restaurant chain in the U.S. is called Twin Peaks. In a related story, Katy Perry will perform at the Super Bowl."  -- RJ Currrie
"Hear about the man who disappeared at a Broncos game — and then popped up more than 100 miles away? In pass-happy Denver, even the fans go long."  -- Dwight Perry
"Ex-slugger Jose Canseco shot off the middle finger on his right hand while cleaning his gun: “Doctors say he’ll recover, but he’ll never be able to drive in New York City again."  -- Bruce Murdock, KKCW Radio, Portland
"LeBron James has a new daughter. The baby was born in Cleveland but plans to move to Miami if it gets a better offer."  -- Conan O'Brien
"It seems somehow fitting that jeans manufacturer Buffalo David Bitton signed MMA champ Ronda Rousey to an endorsement deal. First she beats the pants off you, and then she sells you a replacement pair. -- Dwight Perry
"According to expert baseball analysts, Madison Bumgarner won the World Series for the SF Giants single handily. “Good to know”, said Kobe Bryant."  -- TC Chong
"A scientist is experimenting with designing robotic NFL cheerleaders. Of course we already have robotic NFL sideline reporters."  -- Brad Dickson
"Now that the World Series is over, ESPN can get back to the news they really care about, like this headline story today: “A-Rod’s suspension ends. Back in play for Yanks."  -- Janice Hough


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