Friday, November 22, 2013

Not Proofed - Read at your own risk

I am just so impressed with professional sports for providing incredible models of mature, ethical, trustworthy behavior.

Bud Selig's boys have set a new standard for civil behavior and logical reasoning explaining why the Commish would never testify at the mediation hearing challenging the 211 game suspension he levied against Alex Rodreiguez. Bud's boys explained that Selig refused to testify because A-Rod got pretty damned mad that Selig wouldn't testify to explain how or what 'evidence' he used to arrive at the 211 games. Read that again. Yup. Bud won't testify because A-Rod got angry that Bud wouldn't testify. Oh, well, now we all understand. I'm sure there will be a job for Bud if a Republican is ever again elected President in our lifetime.

Forget baseball. It's football season and the NFL is doing it's best to garner all of the headlines it so richly deserves. Dan Snyder is at the top of his game offending so many with his convoluted defense of the demeaning Washington moniker, and offending the rest of us with the product he's putting on the field.

The news regarding concussions and CTE continues to get worse while the league collects billions while making bumbling attempts to reduce at least a small measure of the mindless violence that leads to concussions, CTE and other long-term brain damage while juicers cry and Ray Lewis rants on ESPN that without the pain it just ain't football or a 'man's' game anymore. You can count on ESPN to provide the best analysis and insights from its hired murderers.

The Dolphins in particular and many other high profile players in general have mastered the art of portraying 'Real Men' as foul-mouthed, gay basing, racist, overly aggressive douches and coaches as totally out of touch with team control. Of course Sean Peyton showed just how little head coaches know about what goes on in the locker room. He, of course, was never unaware of bounties for gruesome hits and putting opponents, particularly quarterbacks, out of a game. Oh no.

The referees have distinguished themselves as serious practitioners of Blind Mans Bluff and masters of obfuscation in protecting their own.  Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts will replace Ed Hochuli as the dean of NFL officials. Her famous quote, 'What does a word (or rule) mean? It means whatever I say it means!' assures her ascendancy.

And you don't even need to consider Richie Incognito to be thoroughly disgusted with this bunch of bozos.

Meanwhile, the stench coming from the Eastern Conference of the NBA is palpable. Only 3 of 15 teams have a winning record (cough, cough) and Toronto currently leads the Atlantic Conference at 5-7   (cough, gasp, gag). I guess you don't always get what you pay for, folks, unless you like buying tickets to watch really bad basketball.

Gotta go. This all reminds me it's time to take out the trash.


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