Friday, November 15, 2013


...and things not so silly.

It's really hard to argue with this season's end-of-the-year awards. The MVPs are Miguel Cabrera and Andrew McCutcheon, two guys who led their teams to the playoffs.  There may have been guys who had better batting averages or hit more homers or driven in more runs, but there is no denying that their teams couldn't have been as successful without them. That is the true definition of "most valuable."

Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw won Cy Young awards after being the most dominant pitchers of their respective leagues. Granted there is some luck involved in won-lost records, but if you watched them pitch, you could see that in most cases, batters were over-matched.

As I wrote earlier, I think the Manager-of-the-year choices were also right on the mark, with Terry Francona and Clint Hurdle.

Alex Rodriguez was supposed to be interviewed by MLB today concerning his suspension and the  Bosch Clinic case. Isn't going to happen because A-Rod has the flu and his doctors have advised him "...not to travel." A source close to the situation had this to say, "He's dying to tell his side of the story. But his head is all clogged up right now." That's probably true about his head, but that didn't start with the flu.  He is supposed to present his case before the arbiter starting on Monday and he's supposed to testify in his own behalf. Maybe.
Actually, this whole thing is confusing.
One source says the chances were 60-40 that he would testify on Friday.
Another said it was 75% sure.
One of his lawyers said he won't be there.
A-Rod says he is dying to tell his side of the story, but pleaded the 5th amendment when MLB questioned him about it back in July.
This story line changes hourly. Even Brett Favre is saying, "Dude, decide!"

NY Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner says his $189 million payroll limit is still in effect, but they will do everything possible to put a winning team on the field. With the Yankees, of course, 'winning' means the World Series. The word out of the Winter Baseball meetings is that the Yankees approached every big name agent about their clients. Supposedly, the Yanks have money to spend, but with all the holes they have to fill, Robinson Cano being the biggest, how can they sign any high-priced players and stay under Hal's limit? There is going to be some very inventive finance manipulation to achieve this.

"Pamela Anderson successfully competed in The New York City Marathon. ESPN televised the event and when they showed Pam running, it was in Slo-Mo."  -- TC Chong

"British forensic scientists now believe King Tut died under the wheels of a racing chariot. That tops today’s sports rundown."  -- RJ Currie
"MLB owners today approved funding to expand instant replay in 2014. You know what this means – beer prices are going up."  -- Janice Hough
"Quick question for that Midwest couple who settled their NFL bet with a Taser: Who are you taking in this week’s Charger game?"  -- Dwight Perry
"I'm not surprised that Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe will play against the Broncos on Sunday. Marijuana is legal in Colorado and the game will take place in Mile High Stadium."  -- Jack Finarelli
"On eBay, you can buy signed, authenticated Jim Palmer underwear from the 1970s. Next time you're sick of your job, be glad you're not an “underwear authenticator.”  -- Brad Dickson
"Toronto is considering bidding for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Now if they can just get their mayor to pass a drug test."  -- TC Chong
"Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito has now filed a grievance against the team over his suspension. This might be the biggest mess ever in Florida football not involving Urban Meyer."  -- Janice Hough

"Brian Cashman says Brian Wilson won’t be coming to the Bronx because the free-agent reliever refuses to shave his trademark beard. Guess he’s never heard of the Yankee clipper."  -- Dwight Perry
"A group of Bosnian soccer fans missed their team's historic World Cup soccer qualifier in Lithuania after mistakenly buying airline tickets to Latvia. For the rest of time, I don't want to hear any Bosnian soccer fans call American sports fans dumb."  -- Brad Dickson


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