Friday, July 26, 2013


##  Would you say that Chris Davis of the Orioles has cooled off? Before the All-Star break, he was hitting .315 with 37 homers & 93 RBIs. Since then, he's hitting .214 and has yet to hit a home run. He has also struck out 13 times in 28 at bats, 4 times last night.

##  Can it be? Curt Schilling said before the season started, that he didn't think A-Rod would ever appear in a NY Yankee uniform again. Since A-Rod might be facing a lifetime ban and the Yanks are quietly researching for a way to void his contract, Schilling may be right. I can't believe it. The words 'Schilling' and 'right' in the same sentence and the word 'not' isn't included.

##  We can't talk about Robinson Cano's strolls down to first anymore. Yasiel Puig has outdone him. In a game a couple of days ago, Puig drew a walk and actually walked to first base, all the while staring at the pitcher. Until someone crawls to first base, Puig is the current Champion Loafer.

##  How are they doing it? The Yanks have the weakest lineup in baseball, yet they manage to somehow  stay on the fringes of the pennant race, or at least, the wildcard. in the 7 games since the All-Star break, they have gone 3-4, but lost only 1/2 game in the standings. And without A-Rod, too.

##  George Brett lasted two months as the Royals hitting coach. Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise. The Royals are hitting .256 as a team, 13th in the American League and have scored less runs than the (gasp!) Yankees. I guess that should be a surprise all by itself.

##  It appears that Alphonso Soriano will be a Yankee by the weekend. The money side of the trade should be interesting, since no one is saying who's is going to pay Soriano's salary. As far as the player transactions go, the Yanks are giving up a low-rated prospect, which is no surprise because that's all they have...and most of them are on the major league roster. Annie-O says the Yankee lineup posted at the beginning of the game might as well be for the opposition, since she doesn't recognize most of the names.

"Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, who famously tweeted “I’d put my salary next year on it” when asked if he thought Ryan Braun was drug-free, is now demanding a discount double-check."  -- Dwight Perry
"Joe Torre’s daughter caught a falling baby. Major League Baseball will issue a statement congratulating her just as soon as she is tested for PEDs.”  -- Jim Barach
"Many NFL training camps have started. Linemen and bail bondsmen reported Tuesday."  -- Brad Dickson
"Robert Griffin III tweeted that he’d been to practice: “Out of habit, the Yankees’ Brian Cashman told him to shut the bleep up.”  --
"Who's on PEDs? You know we’re clean. We haven’t scored a run in 37 innings."  -- Marlin First baseman Logan Morrison
"Twinkies are back in the US and they are said to be smaller. It’s an optical illusion as the people that eat them are in reality, larger."  -- TC Chong
" The National Association of Bail Bondsmen issued a statement thanking NFL players for the thousands of new jobs it created for members."  -- Brad Dickson
 "Bud Selig says now that he is proud of Major League Baseball’s drug program. It’s amazing the man doesn’t have ruptured discs from all the patting he does of his own back."  -- Janice Hough


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