Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A-Rod is not the only guy who can't open his mouth without putting his foot in it. Ryan Braun is tasting shoe leather himself. He swears he wasn't using any banned substances when he was caught, appealed based on a technicality (which he won), bad mouthed the tester and then when the Biogenesis deal came to light, he issued an apology which impressed no one.
He "apologized" to any fans he may have offended, and acted like none of it was his fault, that it was just bad luck. It's so bad that even the other players are disgusted with him. This isn't going to go away the way Braun hopes it will.

How upset are players over all this cheating? There is a story going around that a pitcher hit a batter with a pitch and when he came into the dugout, he told teammates that he hit him on purpose because, "...he's one of the cheaters." Maybe A-Rod would be safer if he is suspended.

Toronto is  9 games under .500 and has lost 6 games in a row.
Seattle has won 8 in a row and has a better record than the LA Angels.
Last year's champion, the San Francisco Giants, are in 4th place and 8 games under .500.
The Dodgers, in last place and given up for dead 6 weeks ago, lead the NL West.
The Red Sox gave Dustin Pedroia a 7-year deal. This might work out - Pedroia will be 36 during the last year of the contract.
I'm sure that no one thought that Mariano would be a bust, but did anybody really think he'd be on a pace to have 50 saves this year?

It doesn't look like A-Rod will be playing this year, Jeter is still a mystery, Youkilis and Teixeira are done till next year and Hafner can't hit his way out of a paper bag - a wet paper bag. The Yanks have no offense: The have a bunch of guys who can run but can't hit and one guy - Robinson Cano - who can hit but won't run. This doesn't make for many sustained rallies. Is help on the way?
There is talk that the Yanks may trade for the Cubs Alfonso Soriano, who was originally a Yankee. He is fast and can hit the long ball, but he's not the most graceful outfielder and used to be a head case, but supposedly he's changed. He may not be the best choice, but at this point, he's the only choice.

"Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips, calling his $72.5 million contract a “slap in the face” after teammate Joey Votto got a much bigger one, was last seen crafting his cardboard “Will Bunt For Food” sign."  -- Dwight Perry
"EA Sports erased ex-Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez from its Madden NFL 25 and NCAA Football 14 video games: “But you can catch him on PlayStation 3’s Prison Break.”  -- Bill Littlejohn
"Los Angeles produced one of the lowest crime rates of any major U.S. city: “You know why? We don’t have an NFL team."  -- Jay Leno
"Charl Schwartzel snapped his club after a bad chip out of the rough at Muirfield. Afterwards, I'm not sure if he swore or muttered "fescue."  -- RJ Currie
"Beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings appears in the ESPN The Magazine's The Body issue nude. Or, as a beach volleyball player calls that: “My work clothes.”  -- Brad Dickson
"Florida Gators LB Antonio Morrison was suspended from the team after his 2nd arrest in five weeks, this time for allegedly barking at a police dog and resisting arrest. But this, from ESPN, is the part you can’t make up “according to a police report Morrison’s defense was the dog barked first.”  -- Janice Hough
"Twins closer Glen Perkins recorded two outs Friday night before realizing his pants were unzipped. Guess he’s not a big fan of the infield-fly rule."  -- Dwight Perry
 "Photos were taken of a woman posing in a short skirt atop an Omaha fire truck inside an Omaha fire station. We have the only Fire Department with a two-drink minimum."  -- Brad Dickson



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