Sunday, February 10, 2013


##  Boston Red Sox prospect, Bryce Brentz, accidentally shot himself in the leg a couple of weeks ago. This is nothing new to the Red Sox, since former manager Bobby Valentine shot himself in the foot many times last season.

## Curt Schilling now claims that an unnamed member of the Red Sox organization suggested that he use some form of PEDs to help him over an injury. Schilling said he refused and the Red Sox claim it never happened. Between this and the "bloody sock," you never know what Schilling is going to claim.
By the way, the "sock" is for sale, even though it currently resides in the Hall of Fame...or one version of it, anyway.

## Milwaukee manager. Ron Roenicke, says Brewer slugger Ryan Braun is "doing good," after allegations surfaced linking him to the Miami clinic that supposedly dispensed PEDs to many athletes. It's a shame he has to put up with all these accusations year after year. How many "smoking guns" does he have to dispel before they leave him alone? His latest denial:
 "During the course of preparing for my successful appeal last year, my attorneys, who were previously familiar with Tony Bosch, used him as a consultant," Braun said in his statement. "More specifically, he answered questions about T/E ratio and possibilities of tampering with samples."
Which begs the question, why would you use someone like Bosch, who is NOT an accredited doctor or supplement chemist, as an expert in a drug case? And why wasn't his name made public last year, when Braun was fighting his positive drug test?  Right, just deny, deny, deny.
As did, A-Rod, Melky Cabrera, Gio Gonzales, Nelson Cruz........

## Hiroki Kuroda is celebrating his birthday today. In keeping with recent Yankee policy, there will be no candles on his cake as their insurance policy prohibits him from being that close to a major fire.

## There are a number of sports broadcasters and writers who dislike the "Stormin' The Court" event at college basketball games, after the home upsets a highly ranked opponent. I see nothing wrong with it. I actually enjoy the fact that students are so into backing their athletic teams. The razzing that goes on in a number of college arenas is often inventive and funny, but sometimes they do go too far. Duke's 'Cameron Crazies' are among the best, but sometimes...
" Our Sports Culture At Work, Play: N.C. State guard Tyler Lewis’ grandmother had died six days earlier, so Thursday, as he shot free throws in the second half with Duke up 18 at home, some students were heard chanting, “How’s your grandma?”  (From Phil Mushnick's column)
You would hope that colleges would be teaching something about civility sportsmanship.

"The Boston Red Sox and MLB apparently are saying that Curt Schilling’s claim that someone on the Red Sox medical staff suggested he take PED’s in 2008 is “completely baseless.” Translation: Nobody put anything in writing."  --  Janice Hough
"To prepare for the 2014 World Cup, Brazilian cities are asking for volunteer teachers to help call girls learn English. In a related story, I have an education degree."  -- RJ Currie
"Tim Lincecum, the Giants' long-haired hurler, finally got his trademark locks sheared off. In other words, he came up with a good cutter during the offseason"  -- Dwight Perry
"After she plunked a spectator with an errant shot during the Pebble Beach Pro-Am: "I know how to do diplomacy; I'm not so sure about the golf course."  -- Condoleezza Rice
"Love Beyonce. She's talented and beautiful, but her performance at the Super Bowl wasn't a halftime show; it was an aerobics class."  -- Mike Bianchi
"This Super Bowl was a little different. Instead of miking up a player, a microphone was placed on Beyonce to see if she was actually singing."  -- Brad Dickson
"Forbes has released its list of most unpopular athletes. The top three are Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o and Tiger.  All three were amazed as they said they’ve never worn Pinstripes.  --  TC Chong



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