Sunday, September 09, 2012


Umpiring at it's worst helped send the Yanks to another critical loss last night. To be fair, the Orioles power did quite a job, too. Teixeira is sure to be fined after his post-game comments about the quality of the umpires, but a possible suspension won't be a problem, since Tex re-injured his calf and may end up sitting out the remainder of the season.
In the ninth inning with two men on and one out, Teixeira hit a slow grounder to second. When the Orioles tried to complete a double play, Mark dove into first and beat the throw...except umpire Jerry Meals called him out. Both the radio and TV announcers believed he was safe even before they saw the replays. Had he been called safe, the tying run would have scored. Just to add insult to injury, in an interview after the game, crew chief said he reviewed the play and Teixeira was clearly out. Joe Torre said he was going to review the situation, but he was busy napping.
Speaking of breaks, Baltimore is unhappy that Nick Markakis broke a bone in his hand when he was hit by a Sabathia pitch. They'll get as much sympathy as A-Rod got when that happened to him. The Yanks and Orioles meet for the final time in the season today, unless they meet in the post season.

Stephen Strasburg has been shutdown for the year by the Nationals. Their "excuse" is that he's lost his focus because of the debate over his innings limit that has been imposed by the club. The Nationals' argument is that they want him to be a premier pitcher for years, rather than risk losing him by overusing him now. The fans, of course, want a World Series championship now, a feat greatly enhanced by Strasburg"s presence. It seems to me that management would like to see the huge crowds Strasburg draws in the next few years, rather than winning a title now. This scenario bears watching.

The Cubs and the Nats had a little dust-up this week in Chicago. The Cubs pitching coach and the Nationals' third base coach had a heated exchange which resulted in the dugouts emptying, but nothing happened. Apparently, the Cubs were unhappy that a Nationals batter swung at a 3-0 pitch in the 5th inning while Washington was ahead 7-2. In the sixth the Nationals pitcher threw behind a Cubs hitter, and the dugouts emptied again, this time with some spirited pushing and shoving. A player from each side was ejected. Manager Davey Johnson indicated that if the Cubs thought that his club would stop playing hard just because they had a lead, they should prepare themselves for disappointment, because Washington had no intention of easing up. Good for you , Davey.

Boston's Bobby Valentine offered to punch a radio sports talk host in the mouth because he asked Valentine if he has given up because he got to the ballpark late. Bobby said later he was kidding, but the fact remains...

Yankee manager Joe Girardi took on reporter Joel Sherman after last night's game because Sherman kept asking if Sabathia was still injured. Sherman said he "...just couldn't hear," but it was the third time that Joe was asked that question. After the news conference, he called Sherman into his office and closed the door. A lot of screaming and yelling was heard and the security guards rushed in and separated the two.

In Cleveland, closer Chris Perez, who has taken on the fans and his own teammates, has now fired some shots at the owners and the GM because of their "...unwillingness to put a winning team on the field." Chris feels that management won't give the GM a substantial amount of money to acquire good players and the money they do give to the Gm doesn't do any good because he signs players who are ineffective. I understand Perez plans to comment on the quality of the hot dogs sold in the concession stands followed by a condemnation of the parking lot striping. 

The Angels have won five in a row and nine of their last ten, but they're still in third place in the AL East, 7 games out of first and  2 games off the pace for the wild card.
The Boston Red Sox have lost 3 in a row and nine of their last ten, not that it matters because they're in last place 15 1/2 games out and heading for a losing season.  Boo-hoo.

Congratulations to Vod & his lovely wife. Their youngest was married yesterday in a beautiful ceremony in Syracuse, NY. Congratulations also to the newlyweds, Dr. Christian Turner and Christine Fisher Turner.

" Sri Lankan police used an X-ray to prove a suspect ate a 1.5-carat stone at a gem exhibit. Speaking of diamonds, the Yankees blew a 10-game AL East lead. Now that's hard to swallow"  -- RJ Currie
"The newest addition to Time Warner's cable offerings is Australian-rules football, if you've never seen it, is a cross between rugby and second-degree manslaughter."   -- Argus Hamilton
"ESPN mainstay Chris Berman has signed a multiyear contract extension, the cable giant announced. In terms of exact years, though, it wasn't announced how many back-back-backs it is." 
-- Dwight Perry
"Baltimore and New York are now tied for first place in the AL East. Undaunted, the Yankees are reportedly making plans to buy the Orioles."  -- Janice Hough
 "For Saturday’s game against Florida State, Savannah State was a record 70½-point underdog. Against Oklahoma State, Savannah State was a 67½-point underdog. I’m not sure what Savannah State’s problem is this year, but we can rule out overconfidence. Savannah State was paid $385,000 to play at Oklahoma State and get beat 84-0. After the game, the team spent $386,000 on gauze bandages."  -- Brad Dickson
"UCLA defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa nearly went to Nebraska. You know what you call people who are happy that Odighizuwa did not go to Nebraska? “Copy editors.”  -- Brad Dickson
"Tiger Woods is the first golfer to make $100M on the golf tour. Tiger is also famous for carrying little or no cash. That’s because his earnings go ‘direct deposit’ into The Swedish Bank of Nordegren branch in Florida."  -- Tony Chong
"New Nike LeBron James shoes cost $300 and come with a built-in IQ test. If you paid $300 for these shoes, you failed."  -- Alex Kaseberg
"There have been an estimated 500,000 errors made in major league baseball since 1876. Not included were the Boston Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for cash, Cubs fan Steve Bartman interfering with a play in 2003 or the Red Sox hiring Bobby Valentine."  -- Cam Hutchinson


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