Saturday, September 22, 2012


...I don't think my heart can handle too many more of these walk-off wins.  I suppose they're better than walk-off losses.

Oakland's got to feel snake bit.  Of course, for the most part, they create their own headaches. Either they just aren't good fielders, or the Yankee Stadium pressure is wearing on them. Three errors in one game in a pennant race is simply unacceptable.

Melky Mesa might have been ready to cut his own throat, when he missed third. A-Rod looked like he might have offered to hold the knife. As usual, a win will make the pain go away. In fact, it will make you forget it. Baltimore continued to win extra-inning games, so this victory just helped the Yanks maintain their one game lead.

Here's a little riddle: What's it mean? 9/15 - 1, 9/19 -3, 9/19 - 4, 9/20 - 2, 9/21 - 2, 9/22 - 3.
Give up? It's the number of hits Ichiro has gotten in the last 6 games he's played. That's 15 for 24, or .625.
He's gotten more aggressive at the plate and he's running like he's in his 20's, not pushing 40. He's basically pushed Andruw Jones out of a job, and it would not surprise me if Jones is left off the playoff roster. Ibanez, on the other hand, showed everyone that a left-handed power hitter is a lethal weapon in Yankee Stadium.

I'll be accepting donations to help finance a trip to New York to kick some Robinson Cano butt. It's disgusting to see Cano lollygag down the first base line, especially after 40-year old Ibanez hustles into second for a double and later tries to take out an infielder on a possible double play.

All you can do is stare in wonderment at Derek Jeter. He still makes plays in the field and he hits, and hits, and hits. I wish he'd give some of that kickapoo joy juice he must be taking, to Robinson Cano.

A Boston writer, who shall remain nameless, says he doesn't believe that injuries and poor performance by some players are responsible for the Red Sox demise. No, it's all Bobby Valentine's fault. He's alienated the players. He's alienated the front office. He makes outrageous statements and shouldn't have even lasted this long. Joe Maddon in Tampa Bay, makes some strange moves, is innovative with his roster and seems to make everything work. If you question his moves, he always has a logical reason for what he's done. Valentine makes strange moves, just to make strange moves and call attention to himself. Ask him to explain and he either tells you it was just a hunch or explain how tough managing the game is. How much tougher is it for the players who have to deal with it?

Washington and Cincinnati have clinched their divisions in the National League, and San Francisco has a big lead in the West. So the only race left is for the two wild cards. Atlanta has one spot sewed up so there are 4 teams fighting for the final spot. The American League is not cut and dried. Only Texas seems to have a hold on their division. Everything else is up for grabs.

Melky Cabrera has declared himself ineligible  for the batting championship he seems sure to win. A very responsible decision. Too bad he didn't show that responsibility by refraining from using a banned substance and then trying to pull a scam to hide it. Certainly takes away most of the glory from relinquishing the batting crown.

"An Atlanta jewellery store is offering a free hunting rifle to anyone who buys $2,500 in diamonds. In a related story, Georgia reports a jump in shotgun weddings."  -- RJ Currie
""Do the math, NHL players want billions, turned down an offer for millions and are happy playing overseas for thousands?"  -- TC Chong
"Brian Hartline criticized the Tim Tebow media circus: "Seriously, a no-name Dolphins wide receiver questioning Tebow's football credentials? This would be like Barney Fife questioning the gunmanship of Matt Dillon."  -- Mike Bianchi
"The Yankees' Ichiro escaped with a base hit Friday night when his ground ball got stuck inside the jersey of A's pitcher Jarrod Parker. What, that's not a ground-rule double?"  -- Dwight Perry
" Replacement refs have been criticized nonstop by fans who attend NFL games. It's pretty bad to have your judgment criticized by a group of people who show up shirtless for games in freezing weather."  -- Brad Dickson
"Dear Troy Aiken: We know there are replacement referees in the NFL. We know they will make mistakes, just like regular referees. Please shut up about it and call the game."  -- Cam Hutchinson
"The space shuttle is going to be driven through Los Angeles tomorrow. That's exciting. The bad news is that it's going to be driven by Lindsay Lohan."  -- Conan Obrien


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