Saturday, August 08, 2020


 I've been following baseball again - in between notices and facts about COVID-19. It seems to me to be an impossible situation. I'm told that there can be a lengthy incubation period between infection and discovery. So if one member of a team tests positive, it really doesn't solve anything to immediately test the rest of the team, does it? I can't see how MLB is going to solve this and it certainly doesn't help to have  "Maladroit" Manfred at the controls. Good luck to the players and the fans.

Another St Louis Cardinal player has tested positive so the Cubs/Cardinal weekend series is cancelled.  I won't say postponed because that word assumes that it has a reschedule date...which it doesn't.

How's that new rule - Start with a runner at 2nd for all extra innings - working out? Houston & Oakland went 13 innings before the A's managed a hit with the bases loaded to win it. In other words, it took 8 chances before they managed to end the game. Shall we try TWO men on base to start the extra innings?

A game in Pittsburgh was delayed because an unauthorized drone flew over the field.  I'm trying to determine if it was just advertising Papa John's Pizza as I heard. That guy will try anything.

Michael Kay, Yankee announcer, keeps talking about the "vaunted" Yankee lineup.  Find a new adjective, Michael. In the last two games, the Bronx Bombers have managed a total of 6 hits. How about the "vacant" Yankee lineup?

Dodger outfielder Mookie Betts is out with a swollen middle finger. Fans in Philadelphia think he's an amateur.

U.S. Olympic champ Katie Ledecky just posted a video of her freestyling the length of a 50-meter pool with a glass of chocolate milk on her head. Right now, Las Vegas Pool Waitresses are complaining, "Great! Now they'll expect us to do that."

Anne & I have often wondered if perhaps the YES Network  has hidden microphones in our living room. I would make a comment and then they would say something similar in the program. Happened again last night. I mentioned that I didn't like the way Stanton was hitting. He was moving around too much and his left foot looked out of control.  A few minutes later, Paul O'Neil made the same comment. 

The Yankees have to do something about Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres. Both look totally lost at the plate. Torres especially looks overanxious and jittery at the plate. In one at bat last night, he swung and missed twice - at the first pitch. Sanchez is swinging thru pitches he normally belts. I'm waiting for Aaron Boone to say to reporters, "They're close. They're very close." No, they're not.


"If the Miami Marlins lose another player to a positive COVID-19 test, is there any truth to the rumor that Dr. Anthony Fauci automatically moves into the starting rotation?”  -- Patti Dawn Swansson

"What's the difference between a CFL player and the Canadian Mint? The Mint isn't making pennies."  -- RJ Currie 

"Starting with a runner on second has not prevented batters from trying to hit home runs instead of playing small ball. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him bunt."  -- Phil Mushnick's take on the automatic runner at 2nd base in extra innings. 

"There was a delay  today caused by a drone flying overhead at Target Field. Anyone checked to see if Houston Astros are scheduled to play the Minnesota Twins soon?"  -- Janice Hough

"Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes vanished from the team hotel in Atlanta before finally announcing hours later that he was opting out of the 2020 season. In other words, the old hidden-ballplayer trick."  -- Dwight Perry

"Rutgers is going to limit stadium capacity to 500 fans. That's down from the normal 525 fans who normally attend Rutgers games."  -- Brad Dickson

Everyone please stay safe.






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