Monday, June 03, 2019


 Am I the only one listening?
After using all of his six prime relievers in a 5-3 Yankee win over the Red Sox, Mgr Aaron Boone lamented that he needs to get more innings out of his starters. The bullpen was responsible for 9 innings in the two games against the Sox. Okay, makes sense that you need to be judicious in your use of the bullpen, but consider this. Boone consistently pulls his starters after 5 or 6 innings, even with the pitch counts under control. Ask him and he'll tell you that the saber-metrics say that a line up hits starters a lot better the third time through. They better learn how to get thru seven or eight innings or Boone will have an exhausted bullpen come August.
In the meantime, the Yankees "B" team continues to impress. And they find a lot of ways to do it. Mike Vaccaro, NY Post says it best: "When you play the Yankees, you either wait around for them to figure out a way to come back on you or you take your beating up front, right away, and play the rest of the string out." 
**Home runs are being hit at a record pace this year. Currently there are about 11 hitters on a pace to hit 50 home runs. The record for a team for the year is 267. There are five teams on a pace to beat that, led by Minnesota, who could hit 300. I grew up rooting for the Bronx Bombers, so I love this. 
**Tom Brady applied for the domain name "Tom Terrific." He can file for all the trademarks he wants, all the domain names he can think of and patents for everything else, and it won't matter. "Tom Terrific" is now and always will be TOM SEAVER. How about applying for Tom Thumb, Brady? After all, you are a little man. 
**I read that Robinson Cano, that paragon of hustle,  is close to re-joining the Mets as he has now begun jogging. Jogging? Sounds ready to resume his normal activities to me. One NY sportswriter has begun calling him 'Joginson' Cano.
**ESPN is promoting Women's World Cup Soccer Tournament.  I love watching this tournament but couldn't ESPN find a better picture to show than the one they have? The middle lady looks like the result of electro-shock therapy. Anyway, these ladies are prime athletes and I'm looking forward to these matches.
**Did I hear right? Did Serena Williams really get beat in the French Open? I didn't think that was possible. 

"Wrestler Ric Flair’s recent hospital stay cost a reported $1.8 Million. He should have turned down those six aspirin he was prescribed." -- Jokes By Jim (Jim Barach)
"Astros shortstop Carlos Correa says he broke a rib while getting a home massage, landing him on the injured list for at least three weeks. That’s what you call getting rubbed the wrong way."  - Dwight Perry
"Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva openly   spoke out against gays, then hours later claimed she was misunderstood. More later from the world back-track and field championships."  -- RJ Curry

 "Pete Rose is finally in the Hall of Fame — the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame.Coincidence? Museum curators discovered the Ray Fosse doll on the floor, broken, the very next morning."  -- Dwight Perry
"Dennis Rodman,  accused of slapping a Florida man’s face in a bar, is saying he’s never hit anyone in his life. That must be comforting for the cameraman Rodman kicked in the groin."  -- Brad Rock
“On (May 26), the last full day of Bill Buckner’s life, 16 major-leaguers struck out at least three times in one game. Buckner played 22 seasons and never did it once."  -- Tyler Kepner
" The SEC is lifting their conference ban on alcohol sales in stadiums, and will let individual schools decide.  And let’s see, most of these universities are in open-carry states. What could possibly go wrong?"  -- Janice Hough
"Blues defender Carl Gunnarson was talking to his coach at the urinals just before O.T. when he predicted his  game 2 winner against the Bruins. Known henceforth in NHL annals as The Boston Pee Parley"  -- RJ Currie

" An Ethiopian woman survived a week with a knife stuck in her back. Which means she is now qualified to take on a management job with the Lakers." -- Jim Barach


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