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Things are getting so politically correct that there's nothing to rant about anymore. The worst thing in sports I've read about involves pro basketball player Kyrie Irving claiming the world is flat. You'd think that a guy that spends that much time in the air that he could see for himself how ridiculous that is. Maybe the next time he wants to fly he should use an airplane instead of those funny mushrooms.

I'm not the only one looking for something to write about. Colin Kapernick made headlines saying he was going to stand for the National Anthem from now on. Really? A professional athlete makes news by offering to follow the rules? Okay, if that's all it takes, I'm not going to ogle pretty girls anymore. Actually Annie-O has enforced that rule for many years now, but I can dream.

 Don't get too cocky.
For all you Yankee fans who are thrilled at the 7-1 record NY has scored so far in the Grapefruit league: don't let it go to your head. Sure they're hitting the ball hard and their pitchers are dominating, but they aren't really facing major league quality teams. Yesterday, they beat Baltimore 8-1. At least, that was the name on the uniforms. 16 Orioles appeared in that game plus 5 pitchers. I think only 4 of them had ever appeared in a ML game before. Let's see what happens when they start playing for real.

I still don't get this.
Why are they still doing this World Baseball Classic thing? It must be MLB's attempt to interest foreign countries in baseball. I see no good reason for it. I can't imagine a team's front office being happy with some of their stars going off to play in a meaningless tournament before they been able to fully work out and stretch those baseball muscles. Because they seem to go all out to win games, the odds of someone getting hurt is multiplied, especially among the pitchers.

Here it comes, one of my favorite times of the year.
Yes, it's March Madness, boys and girls. After years of frustration  and heart-breaking defeats, I refuse to match bracket picks with Annie-O this year. Since I told her this, she's been walking around the house making chicken-clucking sounds, but I will not be deterred.
Well, okay, but this is the last time.
Can't see the forest... 
The rule change to eliminate four wide pitches for an intentional walk is now official, which should shorten the length of games by maybe a minute. This is like solving world hunger by giving everyone one oyster cracker. All the other proposed changes - limiting trips to the mound, limiting pitching changes, etc. - have all been rejected by the Players Association. they can be implemented next year without the players consent if they're given a years notice, which they now have. Obviously, it's not just old timers and purists that don't want these changes, it's the players themselves. The people who are suggesting these changes are not the ones who have to live with them. The ones who have to live with them - the players -  don't want them. The stupidest rule change , yes stupid, is the suggestion that each extra inning game begin with a runner at second automatically. Sleepy Joe Torre, MLB's yes-man supreme,tried to defend this in an interview and came off as a deer in the headlights, which were the only lights in that room.
The Albatross
For a few years now, sports writers and announcers have expressed dismay over the contract of Jacoby Ellsbury, 7 years for $153 million. They said it was not a good deal for the Yanks. Now they're saying it may be the worst contract ever. In three years with NY, he's hit a very ordinary .270. He's stolen a total of 46 bases in three years, which is what he averaged in his 5 full seasons in Boston. The worst part? The Yanks have him for four more years - and $84 million.

"Alex Rodriguez said there is a “zero percent” chance he plays baseball again. Speaking of zero percent chances, the Minnesota Twins have reported to spring training."  -- Brad Dickson
"Colin Kaepernick says he is going to stand for national anthem next year. Of course, he may be standing in his living room."  -- Janice Hough

"Ex-Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II was arrested in the buff on suspicion of burglary in Woodburn, Ore. — his third naked run-in with police in eight months.  On the bright side, prosecutors say, picking him out of a lineup shouldn’t be a problem."  -- Dwight Perry
"SI Swimsuit model Kate Upton says there's no sex with fiancĂ©, MLB ace Justin Verlander, the nights before and after he plays. Still, most guys wouldn't mind that pitching rotation."  -- RJ Currie
"Men’s Health magazine published a study claiming that, for men, having sex burns the same amount of calories as running six miles. That’s so ridiculous. Nobody has ever run six miles in 30 seconds."  -- Argus Hamilton
" A Tom Brady movie is in the works. No word on who will play the role of Tom but rumor has it that the short list of actors to portray Roger Goddell is down to PeeWee Herman or Bozo."  -- TC Chong
"Michigan State recruit Donovan Wilson couldn't sign because he was in jail for stealing a gun. It's never too soon to show scouts you are NFL calibre." RJ Currie 
" The Los Angeles Lakers fired Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak. One more firing and Jack Nicholson is in charge." -- Brad Dickson
"A viral photo appeared to show Knicks’ president Phil Jackson snoozing on a city bus. Not pictured was Carmelo Anthony — under the bus, where Jackson had thrown him."  - RJ Currie
"New 49ers GM John Lynch said he’ll be in the market for fast, physical players with character. There was concern that Lynch would say, We’ll be looking for slow, weak guys with no respect for the law."  -- Scott Ostler
"George H.W. Bush was chosen to do the coin toss honors at the Super Bowl. If Trump had been selected, something tells me we would have lost the coin."  -- Norman Chad
George H.W. Bush does the coin-toss honors. If Trump did it, something tells me we’d lose the coin. - See more at:
George H.W. Bush does the coin-toss honors. If Trump did it, something tells me we’d lose the coin. - See more at:
George H.W. Bush does the coin-toss honors. If Trump did it, something tells me we’d lose the coin. - See more at:


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