Sunday, December 04, 2016


I'll break into this slowly.

**According to a headline on ESPN, the Yankees are "well positioned" to sign Edwin Encarnacion. What does that mean? Cashman's at the front of the line with a contract in hand?  Hal Steinbrenner has already signed a blank check? The Yanks have EE hidden in a closet somewhere?  Carlos Beltran has signed with the Astros so that leaves Encarnacion as the right-handed, power hitting slugger the Yanks were looking for.
I still don't understand the great interest in Rich Hill. What's so impressive? Certainly not his career stats.

**Except for a spurt late in the 2nd half, the Syracuse Orange dominated North Florida at the Dome last night. It shows you that the 'Cuse has the talent to overpower people.  Unless the other team has the nerve to play defense. I never saw a college team take so many 35+ foot jump shots. Is that the Stephen Curry influence? They may have shot like him but they didn't score like him - 28% on 3-pt. shots.

**The NY Giants have found ways to sneak by a lot of teams so far this year. That may come to end today against a Pittsburgh team that doesn't succumb to pressure by making foolish mistakes. The game is in Pittsburgh and the Steelers are 5-point favorites.
Buffalo is out in Oakland playing in "The Toilet Bowl" the Raiders call a stadium. The Bills are 3 point underdogs, I think mostly because of the odor.
Good news for the Cleveland fans, the Browns are 2 point favorites during their bye week.

**Last night we had to suffer thru a game with Roosevelt Bouie during the SU - N. Florida game. He may be a nice guy and may understand the game, but he couldn't come close to relating it to us. He stumbled, mumbled and generally confused us with any analysis he tried to impart. At first it was irritating and then amusing and finally sad. He's not ready for television.

"During the press conference following Ohio State’s double-overtime win over Michigan, Urban Meyer’s wife called. Don’t blame her. She probably hadn’t talked to him since before the season started."  -- Brad Dickson
"You may have heard the Atlanta Braves signed pitchers Bartolo Colon, 43, and 42-year old RA Dicky. However, that’s old news."  -- RJ Currie
"Fired Oregon coach Mark Helfrich says he hoped Chip Kelly would be hired as the new Ducks football coach. “Ditto” said many SF 49ers fans."  -- Janice Hough
"This week, The Seahawks are favored over Carolina by 7, which is more points than they scored their entire last game."  -- TC Chong
"Patriots outfit Gronk with protective cone collar to prevent him from licking his incision wound."  --
"College bowl games this year include the Dollar General Bowl. While the game may be good, I’m pretty sure the gift bag is going to stink."  -- Brad Dickson
"A nine-year-old showed cat-like reflexes by catching his baby brother who had fallen off a table. Metro UK called him a hero; the Cleveland Browns called him with a contract."  -- RJ Currie
"The most feared kicker in sports is: a) Barcelona’s Lionel Messi b) the Ravens’ Justin Tucker
c) the Warriors’ Draymond Green"  -- Dwight Perry
"The 1-10 SF 49ers this Sunday take on the 2-9 Chicago Bears. The game promises to be almost as riveting as the Cleveland Browns vs. bye week."  -- Janice Hough
[From The Sports Reporters]
"The battle isn't always to the strongest and the race isn't always to the swiftest, but...that's the way to bet."  -- Damon Runyon


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