Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Bottom Line

While the ESPN talking heads are falling over each other assuring anyone who cares, and many who don't, that Tom Brady's "legacy" will not be impacted by the latest debacle. 

What remains clear is that Tom Brady is a cheater. 

Tom Brady is a liar. 

Bill Belichick is a cheater. 

Bill Belichick is a liar. 

Bob Kraft is the consummate NFL owner driven by hubris, a deep sense of personal entitlement and ready, willing and able to steadfastly support cheaters and liars... as long as they are his bought and paid for cheaters and liars. 

Keep watching their brand of bullshit, people. They can't succeed without a nation of sheep filling their coliseums that, by the way, you largely bought and paid for with tax dollars. 

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