Sunday, February 22, 2015


The list of topics on the ESPN baseball page has more references to injuries than baseball:
** Oriole's Weiters (elbow) eyes opening day
** Dodger's Greinke gets injection in right elbow
** Yankee ace Tanaka says elbow feels good
** Wright not worried about shoulder
** Bochy has heart procedure
** Cards to limit Wainwright's innings after torn cartilage surgery in elbow
There were 7 other stories, but 4 of them had to do with contracts.

In 1996, Jeffery Maier "stole" a fly ball from the Baltimore right fielder during Game One of the ALCS series in Yankee Stadium. Derek Jeter was given a home run when he should have been called out for fan interference. In an auction, the glove just sold for $22,000 and change. I had to save my allowance for two months to buy my first glove ($10.99)....and I still have it. Heritage Auctions said they weren't interested.

The Syracuse Orange aren't going to any tournaments which may be a good thing. I can't see the Orange going anywhere with Caleb Joseph at point guard. Maybe we're spoiled after watching the  last few point guards Boeheim has had, but this guy is useless. Boeheim supposedly has a super recruiting class coming in next year and I hope one of them is a point guard.

The ESPN show, "Outside the Lines" spent half of Sunday's show on A-Rod's return. I think there are still a few people in Lithuania who don't know about this story, but the media still has 3 or 4 more weeks to get the word out.

"It’s obviously Lent in New York.The Knicks are giving up Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and the win column."  -- Dwight Perry

"Reportedly, Seahawk Doug Baldwin’s squatting after catching a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl was a diss at Pats DB Darrelle Revis. Now Revis has a Super Bowl ring and Baldwin is known as the guy who looked constipated on TV."  -- Brad Dickson
" MLB and the players unions have agreed to changes to speed up the game. So who knows, maybe this year they can get an average Red Sox-Yankees game down to four hours."  -- Janice Hough
"The Oscars are on this weekend. The Imitation Game is a favorite to win Best Picture. It’s a film about The Toronto Maple Leafs pretending to be a pro hockey team during the past 40 years."  -- TC Chong
"Kevin Durant said NBA players are smarter than the media. There's a bar that's not set terribly high."  -- Brad Dickson
"Online bids for the infamous mitt that 12-year-old Jeffrey Maier used to snag Derek Jeter’s controversial home run in the 1986 ALCS have reached $19,000. Gold Glove? No kidding."  -- Dwight Perry
"There are many attempts to speed up baseball games. Pitching changes are real show-stoppers. As far as I’m concerned, anything short of catapulting relievers to the mound should be on the table."  -- Bud Shaw, Cleveland Plain Dealer


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