Monday, April 14, 2014


Oh, yeah. Not a good visit to the Big Apple for John Farrell and the Boston Red Sox. Farrell certainly can't be a big fan of instant replay. It's supposed to "get things right," but things didn't work out that way for the Sox.
First, Yankee pitcher Ivan Nova helped himself to some pine tar which neither the Red Sox, Farrell, the umpires or Joe Girardi seemed to notice.
On Saturday, Farrell was a victim of an instant replay challenge that got blown when a Yankee runner stepped briefly off the second base bag while a tag was glued to his hip. But the replay system didn't see it that way, when even Stevie Wonder was saying, "Dude. Come on!"
And finally on Sunday, an out call at first was reversed when the replay official said the Yankee runner was actually safe. He might have been safe - but he might not have. Didn't look THAT conclusive, but, alas, the reversed call meant another run for NY, a run that proved decisive.
Just to add insult to injury, managers are not allowed to argue replays, so arguments and ejections should have been eliminated, but Farrell had had just too much. Out he came and "Balkin'" Bob Davidson gave him the rest of the night off.
Everyone knows I'm a Yankee fan and could care less about the Red Sox, but it was embarrassing and I feel bad for Boston.                          No, I don't.

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