Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is a term usually reserved for the team that is unexpectedly in the playoffs and winning with smoke and mirrors, not the 'powerful' NY Yankees.

***YANKS GO UP 2-0***
Another walk-off win with Jerry Hairston getting the 'pie' this time. Even though he didn't get the big hit, which Burnett has celebrated with a face full of Cool-Whip, he certainly deserved it. If truth be told, there should have been 8 pies, one for each of the bullpen pitchers, because they're the ones who kept the Yanks in the game (along with A-Rod's blast). Speaking of the homer, if Abreu had been willing to get that close to the wall when he played for NY, he might still be wearing the pinstripes.
Again the Angels had trouble in the field and it seems to be catching, because the Yanks didn't do that well either. I was shocked to see Jerry Land call Cabrera safe at second on a double play try by the Angels. Apparently Aybar and the Angels learned that the "neighborhood" play doesn't mean just being in sight of 161st street in the Bronx. An infielder will swipe the bag on the throw and continue to 1st and maybe the timing isn't always right, but the umps let it go. Aybar wasn't even close to the bag and never actually touched it. Then the resident genius, Tim McCarver, had to comment that " was a shame the umpire had to get in the middle of a play in such an important series." Yeah, God forbid they should get one right. McCarver also had a comment on a missed third strike put out at first, saying that Guerrero might have been safe on the throw. Doesn't matter really, because if Laz Diaz had been alert, instead of going through his theatrical third strike call, he would have seen that the ball bounced up and hit Vlad while he was out of the batter's box. On a missed third strike, that's a live ball and Vlad is OUT. Laz' strike zone also changed in the later innings: balls low and outside suddenly became strikes. Maybe he was tired. Or maybe not. Leftcoastsportsbabe had a suggestion:
"Major League Baseball is excusing their postseason umpiring mistakes by saying that six umpires are on the disabled list. But the explanation isn’t clear – are those six working the games or not?"

Hopefully the Yanks will start hitting in the warm weather, because so far it's been pretty bad. During the season they hit .283 and averaged 5.6 runs per game. So far in the post season, they're hitting .252 and scoring 4.6 runs per game. Luckily the other teams are doing worse. I don't think they can count on the Angel's infield to throw anymore games their way.

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