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 A team with all the potential in the world can't get out of it's own way. They had a Yankee all-star team on the injured list at times this year, but that's no excuse. They have some talented players in the farm system that they were forced to use, but the trick with rookies is to try and keep them out of critical situations, especially pitchers. Boone didn't do that. To quote and old song, "They'll Be Some Changes Made."

Here are some changes I think will be made - and some that should be but won't: 

Aaron Boone - He should be gone but won't be. He has mishandled the pitching staff all year, mostly the bull pen. He can't wait to get the starting pitcher out of the game (Except for Garrit Cole), then continues to try and match pitchers to specific hitters - all by the book. BTW, they should fire the book, too.  Where is Buck Showalter when you need him?

Gleyber Torres -  never lived up to his potential.

Luke Voit - The Yanks obviously don't want him so they should trade him.

Anthony Rizzo - Re-sign him. I like this guy. He excellent in the field and is a team player.

Bret Gardner - He's older but he can still play..

Gary Sanchez -We've waited for 5 years for his "potential." Let someone else wait.

Corey Kluber - Like to have him but I think he'll cost too much.

Aaron Judge -Sign him up. Sign him! Please sign him.

Aaron Hicks - Same as Sanchez.

**Can someone please tell the networks that these are the baseball playoffs. Why do I have to search to find out what channel they're on. Yesterday, 4 games,  the first game started at 2:00 pm, the last one at 9:00 pm. Why? So they could get in at least 10 hours of commercials. At one time, there would be two games on at once and you could pick which one you wanted to watch and they would break in and show anything exciting from the other game. What was wrong with that? Well, you'd miss out on a bunch of ads for Metamucil or Kraft salad dressing. I make my own salad dressing but I could use the Metamucil.

**My pet peeve. Giancarlo Stanton played in 140 games this year. He's paid $25 million a year. That's about $40,000 every time he steps into the batter's box. When you hit the ball, RUN. You can admire the home run on YouTube later. Boone should tell his players that they will be fined $20,000 for every base they lose by loafing. Some players will lose 1/2 million dollars by the All-Star break.

**I lose interest in the playoffs when the Yankees are out of it, but this year, I'm going to root for the Dodgers in deference to my California sister-in-law, Pauline.


{Apparently this is 'Pick on Urban Meyer' week - CP}

"Urban Meyer still adjusting to speed of NFL cover-ups."  -- TheOnion. com

"If you’re breathing a sigh of relief because home plate umpire Joe West didn’t really affect the results of tonight’s NL Wild Card game. Home plate umpire for game two of the NLDS will be …. Angel Hernandez!?!  So much for “no crying in baseball.”"  -- Janice Hough

"In 1978, Bucky Dent was nearing second base when his three-run homer cleared the wall in that one-game playoff in Fenway. Monday, “Stanton was barely out of the batter’s box when his ball hit the wall.”  -- NY Post reader Scott Wolinetz

"So is Urban Meyer still the Jacksonville Jaguars coach because their owner feels like the season is lost anyway, and doesn’t know if he can get out of paying Meyer $12 million a year?"  -- Janice Hough

"The Jets and Falcons — both 1-3 and outscored by a combined 97 points — play in London on Sunday. Apparently they didn’t qualify for the witness-protection program, so they opted for a change of venue."  -- Dwight Perry

"Nebraska 21-Northwestern 0. This is what happens when the Huskers play a team where the players actually have to go to class."  -- Brad Dickson

"According to the N.Y. Post, in 1962 Johnny Carson’s wife, Joanne, was having an affair with Giants receiver Frank Gifford. Typical of Gifford, he said he wasn't getting enough touches."  -- RJ Currie

"After Urban Meyer became Ohio St.’s ex-coach for hiring an assistant coach he knew to beat his wife, what was the name of that course he taught at OSU? Oh, yeah, “Leadership and Character.”  -- Phil Mushnick

"Shaquille O’Neal has renounced celebrity status and all that it stands for. Does this mean we won’t see his face on TV every 5 minutes?"  -- Nick Canepa

"The priest, the rabbi and the horse from the “walked into a bar” jokes — at least temporarily — have been replaced by Urban Meyer.So it’s probably not a good idea to ask “Why the long face?” even if he does have an 0-4 record."  -- Dwight Perry

"Breaking news: Snoop Dogg will be the Super Bowl halftime performer. Which answers the age old question: do the halftime performers need to pass a drug test? No."  -- Brad Dickson

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