Friday, February 26, 2021


 Spring Training games start this Sunday so it's time for the teams to put up or shut up.

**Cam Newton, 31-year-old soon-to-be-free-agent QB, last week said, "I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars — maybe even millions of dollars--on clothes I only wore once." Now why would you be proud of that? And why tell the world?

**Now a third member of the NY Mets has been fired over inappropriate  actions against women, specifically female sports reporters. This is ridiculous, will it never end? This is what I call double stupid. Not only do they say and do these inappropriate things, but they also leave a paper trail. I leave you with one thought: My Dad always drummed this into my head - "You always respect the women."

**The Yankees have resigned Bret Gardner for 1 year at $4 million. He's the  the longest tenured Yankee. He started in 2008, and while he's no HOF candidate, he's a very serviceable player and at 36 years old, he can still handle center field. Good move Cashman.

**I love this headline on the NY Post: "Gerrit Cole mad at the ‘bad faith’ in baseball that was just exposed" I pretty sure he wasn't talking about the $324 million contract he just signed. That's not bad faith, of course,  that's just bad judgement.

**The Yanks first spring training game is Sunday. If the teams follow their usual pattern, the regulars will play three innings and then a bunch of guys with three digit numbers on their backs will appear on the field for the last six innings. And yes, I'm so desperate for baseball, I'll still be watching.

**The NY Yankees seemingly led the league for the last two years in players lost to injuries. It's supposed to be different this year, because of their new strength and conditioning coach.  After one complete day of workouts, pitcher Clarke Schmidt has strained a tendon in his elbow and is out for at least three weeks. At least everyone made it through the uniform fittings.

**Tim Tebow has officially retired. I'm not sure from what.

**Bradford Doolittle, a writer for ESPN, has made his predictions for the baseball season, picking quite logically, the Dodgers and the Yankees as number one & number two with Atlanta & Houston next. What else could he do? All these prognosticators have to go on is last years results. All the teams have made moves, some of which will seriously impact their seasons and some that won't. Someday, some gutsy writer will come out with a list that will include a team that on paper has no chance. He'll be wrong, of course, but I will admire his bold choice.


"Marie Antoinette, beheaded former queen of France, never played hockey. If she had, history would note her as out indefinitely with an upper body injury."  -- RJ Currie

"Duke star Jalen Johnson has opted out of the rest of his freshman season to preserve his health for the 2021 NBA draft. Or, as veteran Cameron Crazy “Bluto” Blutarskyput it: “Seven months of college down the drain."  -- Dwight Perry

"After the Buffalo Sabres got shut out at home for their fourth straight loss, I bought a cardboard cutout to honor my aunt who passed away. Can I come pick it up so she doesn’t have to watch this any more?"  -- Chris Calarco

"Saw Tom Brady on one of the boats celebrating the Super Bowl victory. I thought for sure he’d be walking on the water."  -- Patti Dawn Swansson

"NHL Outdoor game between Golden Knights and Avalanche stopped after first period, and rescheduled to restart at midnight  now, after sunshine caused deteriorating ice conditions earlier. So add to 2021 insanity… a major professional sporting event postponed because the weather was too good?"  -- Janice Hough

"Below is the new Arby's burger known as "The Widowmaker." How fast can we get a vaccine for this?'  -- Brad Dickson


"I suspect that the Marlins’ decision to allow a 25 percent capacity into its ballpark is a scheme to increase their attendance."  -- NY Post reader Joe Napoleone (From Phil Mushnick, column)

"The Indianapolis Colts acquired QB Carson Wentz from the Eagles for a third-round pick, a second-round pick and a thank you note from Wentz to be sent later."  -- RJ Currie

"Another Tiger Woods’ accident and good fortune instead again lies in the fact he hasn’t killed anyone, including himself."  -- Phil Mushnick

"Look, if the NBA stars think the NBA All-Star Game is a bad idea, they have it in their power to make things right from their perspective.  Just do not show up for the game."  -- Jack Finarelli

"A person took s swing at Mike Tyson as he was signing autographs after his recent fight with Roy Jones, Jr. No arrests have been made, but police are searching for a man who's lost his mind."  -- Patti Dawn Swansson

Chad Picasner

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